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Since there is no new episode this week, take a trip down memory lane with the random topics from episode 6 thru 12.

Random Thoughts

I figure that this episode, being our first "canned" episode (that I can think of), deserves some sort of explanation. Well, as many of you should know, Andy just got married. Yep, he has tied the knot in the proverbial sense. And now, he's off in parts unknown probably trying to forget about the last person he would want to see out there.
Anyway, I eagerly anticipate his imminent return, and will be sure to inform you all through the usual channels when he gets back.

I also feel that I would be failing in my duty as a tech&game-based podcaster if I did not at least point out that E3 is going on right this very instant. If you have the time tomorrow, I highly suggest watching the Nintendo and Sony keynotes. You can watch a live video feed from here.

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