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It feels good to be back! Andy and I are pleased to present you our first post-PAX 08 episode.

Retro Gaming

And here we go again. Hopefully this marks the resumption of our weekly schedule. I guess you can expect this annual break in early September. So, we bring you Episode 75 - Paradise

Someone has posted "high quality" mp3s of Mega Man 9's music discs. Listening to the old (emulated) NES soundboard chipset produced music brings both nostalgia and questions to my mind. This is one of the, if not the absolute, first mainstream games to make this stylistic choice; that is, choosing to use an 8-bit sprite based system and a sound system that was the primary reason video game music has been associated with "beeps and boops." (The latter of which some people are trying very hard to overcome.)
So, what then, is the point? Are they doing it as a publicity stunt? Was it financially driven? (Cheaper Graphics -> Cheaper Game.) Is it purely a stylistic choice and they just like 8-bit? Or perhaps they were trying to make a statement about gameplay over graphics? I'd like to encourage discussion of this in the forums, and have made a post for it. Andy will almost certainly want nothing to do with it, purely because it's Mega Man 9. I think the only other series he'd care LESS about would be if Square-enix decided to do something slightly original for a change (Yes, I know.) and create Final Fantasy XIV using an SNES emulator.

The Trifecta

In case you didn't subscribe to the Epic Default Podcast and the Leetbix Podcast, like you were supposed to, Episode 74 is complete! Part 1 is on our site, Part 2 is on Epic Default, and Part 3 is on Leetbix. Now, if you would kindly go and just subscribe to their feeds, then you'll never miss an episode again. Hopefully...

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