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Live and in person! Huzzah!

Sorry bout the problems

First off, the audio halfway through went a little crazy for a bit, but that was in the raw recordings and there isn't anything I can do about it.

That's also why it's been a little long on the posting. Holiday plus full-time work with bad audio to boot has made for a late post. Hopefully next week will be better.


If you have been listening to us for a year, you may remember a dramatic slowing of episodes come thanksgiving to christmas.
If you have been listening us for two years, you may have started to see a pattern forming.
Unfortunately, this pattern shows no sign of breaking. I haven't heard from Andy in a week, and I'm just working under the assumption that his new job is kicking his ass. I'm in the middle of that wonderful part of the school year where all the projects are due and finals have begun. As such, episodes and updates may be a touch sporadic. However, we're still alive, and hope to be recording soon.
Stay tuned for for future updates!

Oh, and if you hadn't noticed, with the updates we've made to this site, if you subscribe to the newsfeed, then you'll get these posts sent to you as well as the episodes! It's a great way to stay informed.

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